Specializing in Auto, Residential, and Commercial Window Tinting Services

Sunstoppers tint is the Premier Auto Window Tinting, Residential Window Tinting, and Commercial Window Tinting Company in the St. Lucie County. Sunstoppers tint is a 3M Pro Dealer which offers the exclusive line of High Performance Window Tint. Our installers are professionally trained in the latest tools and techniques to deliver a superior installation for your home or commercial building. In addition to Tinting Cars, Homes, and Commercial Buildings, we also tint Recreational Vehicles (RVs), Limousines, Yachts, and Boats. We have been providing top notch window film installations for more than 35 years


Paint Protection

Protect your vehicle from everyday damage while making it easier to clean & maintain it's appearance and safeguarding your investment

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3M Pro Shop

3M Pro Shops are an Elite Group of 3M Dealers that are recognized by 3M Company for outstanding sales & leadership in the automotive industry for 3M window film

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Decorative Film

Take your glass from ordinary to extraordinary with 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes.

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Auto Tinting

When professionally installed by Sunstopper Tint trained technicians, our Premium window films are guaranteed to stand up to the test of time. We guarantee* that our advanced technology will keep your auto window tint from changing color, bubbling, and cracking as long as you own your vehicle. So be confident your car, SUV, or truck will always look great inside and out.

Residential Tinting

Our residential 3M brands window film are virtually invisible and rejects up to 79 percent of solar energy - and lets you smartly keep the heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer, helping to reduce your energy use. In addition to window tinting for home privacy, your home will also stay more comfortable all year long, with heating and air conditioning more evenly distributed through every room. You can also say goodbye to squinting and eye discomfort, since our 3M brand window films reduce sun glare that can hinder computer and television visibility issues.

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Commericial Window Tinting

Now there's an even better way to keep cool and lower your energy costs with Business Window Tinting: When energy is wasted, everyone pays. Your clients, your tenants, and our environment can all suffer the effects of solar heat gain, glare, and rising cooling and heating costs. You'll be doing good business if you choose our 3M brands window film. On average, our window films reduces energy use ad saves 5-15% on a building's energy costs.


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